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Our programs use Galileo Pre-K Curriculum developed by Assessment Technology Incorporated. The Galileo curriculum is a complete standards- and evidence-based early childhood curriculum which includes an empirically based scope and sequence grounded in developmental theory. The curriculum is linked directly to Galileo's reliable and valid assessment tools and contains both resources guiding interest area and room preparation as well as instructional content reflecting the most current research. We’ve chosen this curriculum to best enable teachers to deliver developmentally appropriate curriculum which builds children’s confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical-thinking skills.


So, how does Galileo Pre-K Curriculum support your child’s learning? The ongoing assessments ensure that all activities reflect children's developmental needs by accessing individual "readiness level" when planning. This allows the classroom teacher to focus on goals that each child in her class is ready to learn. Every Barrington classroom is focused on different developmental goals based on the needs of that classroom’s individual students. This approach allows for more individual growth and development for students at all readiness levels.


The Barrington School is passionate about building the home-school connection; we use Galileo curriculum as a resource for strengthening this partnership. Each family has their own Parent Center which allows parents access to current, and past, lesson plans. In addition, parents are encouraged to log in and view a complete, and up-to-date, assessment on their child. The individual assessments detail which developmental goals have been mastered, which goals are currently being worked on, and which goals they will learn further into their educational experience at Barrington.

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