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The Barrington School was founded on a unique approach to learning that is consistent throughout each of our schools.  We view quality nutrition as a foundation for building healthy bodies and developing young minds.  To this end, each school boasts an organic chef that prepares three meals onsite daily.  All food served at our schools is certified organic and we strive to utilize fresh and local ingredients whenever possible. Click here to view an example of a menu created by our Barrington chefs.

At the Barrington School, we strive to foster a School Family community.  Together, we share the same priorities for your children; education and safety.  As members of your School Family, we envision ourselves as educators and caregivers, as well as providers of parental support.  With this in mind, the Barrington School has an all-inclusive operating model.  Diapers, wipes, bedding, bibs, and organic sunscreen are provided for your child as a part of your tuition.  We feel this added benefit serves to foster connections between our parents and teachers, as they are able to focus on conversations pertaining directly to the children and bypass continual reminders to bring supplies.

The Barrington School stands apart by maintaining teacher-student ratios that are below those required by the State of Ohio.  With additional teachers in our classrooms, we are able to provide an increased level of safety, as well as a deeper, more personal connection with each individual student.

To enhance each student’s experience within our schools, we incorporate educational enrichment activities on a daily basis.  These enrichment activities include special programs such as: music, dance, yoga, gymnastics, cooking, sports.  All of our enrichment activities are led by certified instructors with support from our Barrington School teachers, thereby allowing students to expand their skill sets while remaining in the comfort and safety of their School Family environment.

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