6046 Tara Hill Drive

Dublin, Ohio 43017

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10655 Sawmill Parkway

Powell, Ohio 43065

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Walton Parkway & Bevelhymer Road

New Albany, Ohio 43054



4895 Sawmill Road

Columbus, Ohio 43235

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4780 Cemetery Road

Hilliard, Ohio 43026

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600 Worthington Woods Blvd.

Worthington, Ohio 43085

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1123 Bethel Road

Columbus, Ohio 43220

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757 Adena Drive

Columbus, Ohio 43215


Name:  Kierra Smith

Position:  Director

Hometown:  Webster, New York

Education:  Kierra has a B.A. in Sociology and Women’s Studies from the Ohio State University and a J.D. from Capital University.

Name:  Misty Mountain

Position:  Assistant Director

Hometown:  Hilliard, Ohio

Education:  Misty has an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Columbus State and comes to us with over 17 years of experience working with young children.

Name:  Tina Riggs

Position:  Lead Toddler Teacher

Hometown:  Grove City, Ohio

Education:  Tina has a B.S. in Elementary Education from Liberty University in Virginia.

Name:  Kristina Hay

Position:  Organic Chef

Hometown:  Galloway, Ohio

Education:  Kristina graduated from Westland High School in 2008.  Kristina has 2 ½ years of experience working in a childcare setting with prekindergarten and school age children. 

Name:  Jessica Banks

Position:  Lead Infant Teacher

Experience:  8 years

Name:  Kierra Alexander

Position:  Assistant Infant Teacher

Experience:  3 years

Name:  Haritha Naipu

Position:  Assistant Infant Teacher

Experience:  7 years

Education: Bachelor of Science in History, Political Science and Economics

Name:  Brittany Dillon

Position:  Lead Young Toddler Teacher

Experience:  1 year

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education

Name:  Nicole Lester

Position:  Assistant Young Toddler Teacher

Experience:  1 year

Name:  Molly Smith

Position:  Assistant Early Preschool Teacher

Experience4 months

Name:  Fallon Shaw

Position:  Preschool / Prekindergarten Teacher

Experience:  1 year

Education: Bachelor of Arts in History and Communication

Name: Besong Ebot


Position:  Lead Prekindergarten Teacher


Name:  Allison Eastman

Position:  Support Teacher

Experience:  5 years

Education: Master's in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology

Name:  Sarah Beem

Position:  Support Teacher

Experience4 years

Name:  Kylun Campbell 

Position:  Assistant Toddler Teacher



Name:  Karlie Jaeger 

Position:  Assistant Toddler Teacher

Hometown: Dalton, PA

Experience: Bachelor's Degree in Biology