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Ms. Kristie Kuhn

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I have a BA English degree from the Wright State University. I started as a teacher and worked with all age groups. I took on the Director role when I realized I enjoyed helping teachers develop, loved working with parents, and liked creating new events and activities for children. When I am not at the school, I love chasing around my three children, dogs, and husband. I enjoy baking, art, reading, video games, puzzles and learning foreign languages.


At Barrington School of Grandview, we provide quality care and education to all of our students. Our staff here work together as a positive and cohesive team to make sure that children and families are well taken care of and are always informed of what takes place in the day. We are caring for your most precious love and we take that to heart. We provide organic and nutritious meals and snacks. Everything is cooked in the school’s kitchen by our wonderful chefs. We are able to cater to allergies and parent preferences to keep every child healthy and safe.

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